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In Memory of My G

I was there when you were sick. I was with you when you passed. Our perfect relationship, I knew it couldn’t last. As I mourn I need a place To go to that was yours. Simply to remember  The times that we enjoyed. Nowhere comes to mind, Nowhere I can trace Nowhere to define ToContinue reading “In Memory of My G”

The Bee Hive 3

I Will Bee Me I tried to bee nice I tried to bee fair. It suddenly hit me  That you didn’t care.  *** I strived to bee good, Bee the wife that I should. The more I attempted The less you understood. *** I did what I could, despite all the pain. I don’t feelContinue reading “The Bee Hive 3”

The Bee Hive 2

I Have Been If I never love again I have Been. *** If I never laugh again I have Been. *** It was offered you didn’t take it not my loss don’t mistake it. I have Been. *** The whole truth is I cannot fake it. No matter how you tried  you couldn’t break it.Continue reading “The Bee Hive 2”

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