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The Name of My Lost Love & Rightings on the Wall

Originally posted on The Twisting Tail:
The Name of My Lost Love People say I have a problema kind of reccuring mental lapseI seem to lose or misplace thingsEarly signs of my senility perhaps But now I’ve lost my dearestThe purpose of my beating heartI’ve lost my sweet loveWhile shopping at Walmart Distracted by melons…

Once in a Blue Moon

Once, in a Blue Moon, I reminisced about my mistakes and opportunities I’d missed. I sat in the garden In the clear moonlight and shed my tears into the night. The tears streamed along with regret. Facing the awful truth. Why can’t I simply forget? I was alone, but not lonely. I had spirits ofContinue reading “Once in a Blue Moon”

Metaphors, Similes & Idioms 12

Long Teeth I love my Grandad very much. We’ve shared so many adventures. Mum said he’s getting long in the tooth. ‘He can’t Mum, he wears dentures.’

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